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How to Order your Item

Thank you for visiting Candle and Caleb Store.

Finally, you found an item you really love and wanted to buy it right now. So here's a quick and simple way on how to order your item:


1. Click the Add to Cart button.



2. Now your item will be added to the cart. You can add multiple items in your cart and purchase them all of them once you are done. Then you can click on the big blue Cart button on the upper right side of the page.

3. Once you're done shopping all your items. Click on the Cart button and click on Checkout button to checkout. 


4. You will be directed to the Shipping Info page. Fill in your complete shipping details. Then click on Continue to Shipping Method button.

5. The next page is to select your Payment method. We accept Paypal and Credit Cards. We will add more payment options in the future. 

6. Click on Complete Order. A pop-up dialog will show up to complete your payment through Paypal. Don't worry if you don't have Paypal. You can still process your payment if you're using a credit card. We are just using Paypal as our payment gateway for security.

7. You can pay directly through PayPal if you have a Paypal account. You can pay by credit card by putting your details and hit No. I don't want an account now. Once done, click on the Pay now button.


8. That's it. Your order is complete. You will receive your receipt and confirmation message with the details of your order. 

9. Congrats! We'll now prepare your items for shipping. You will receive another email with the tracking details when the item has been shipped!

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